Gondola Shelving Explained: The Difference Between Starter, Add On and Feature Bays

Gondola Shelving Explained: The Difference Between Starter, Add On and Feature Bays

When it comes to gondola shelving, we are often asked what the difference is between a starter bay, an add on bay, and an end bay (also known as a feature bay).

And we are ALWAYS asked why a starter bay is more expensive than an add on bay!

Below we explain each in more detail.

If you prefer to watch rather than read, take a look at our You Tube video below. The video also contains some excellent examples of each type of shelving bay.

Read below for detailed information on what they used for their displays, and how they merchandised it to get the most out of their shelving and fixtures.

The Starter Bay

gondola shelving starter bayThe first bay of a shelving run is always called the starter bay. You will always have a starter bay, even if you have chosen to have a feature bay at the start of the run.

A starter bay has 2 posts, also known as legs.

The starter bay is the only bay that requires 2 legs to be purchased with it. Each additional bay within the same shelving run only needs 1 leg, because each consecutive bay ‘shares’ its leg with the bay next to it.

This is why the starter bay is more expensive than the add on bays.

The Add On Bays

add on bays of shelvingAdd on bays are additional bays that make the shelving run longer.

You can purchase as many add on bays as you wish.

Each add on bay only needs 1 leg because it utilises the previous bays leg.

This is why the add on bay is cheaper than the starter bay.

The example to the left has 3 add on bays.


The End Bay, or Feature End

Providing you have the space, a feature bay at the start (and/or end!) of your shelving run is a great way to create an area in which to merchandise key, sale or promotional products.

You do not have to have an end bay, in fact, a lot of shops won’t have the space, particularly those who have single sided shelving up against the wall of their store.

But if you are a larger shop and have the room, we highly recommend it.

If you need further assistance navigating the gondola shelving world, our team are more than happy to help!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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