Getting Creative with Shelving and Shop Fittings

Getting Creative with Shelving and Shop Fittings

In general our clients come to us because they are buying a new shop and need shelving, or need to add to their existing storage systems, whether it be additional shelves, accessories or other shop supplies and point of sale equipment.

But every now and then customers come to us and ask for something a little different, and that is exactly what inspired this article!

donut station ideas

Last week a customer approached Damien and explained she was in the event management industry.

Damien, initially confused about why she would need something from Shelves for Shops, asked her what she required.

She said she was building a donut wall for an upcoming wedding and showed him an image of what she was trying to create.

What a creative use of punch panel, hooks, and delicious donuts!

This got us thinking about other customers that have done something a little bit different with our products. Take a look at some great ideas below.

Using slatwall to store and display your pot plants

slatwall for plantsBy using some slatwall and acrylic shelves you can create a beautiful pot plant display, for either personal use at home or business use in your home or nursery.

Slatwall can be painted any colour you like, providing the surface is prepped properly and the correct paint is used. I love the pale pinks slatwall against the gorgeous green in the plant.

Another option is using our ball holders, which are the perfect size for holding small to medium pots.

When is a mannequin not just a mannequin?

mannequin tiled craft

Check out this amazing mannequin!

I wish I could say I was this creative, but I found this beauty online.

Who knew using tiles, beads, buttons, charms, brooches or other knick knacks could result in something so beautiful?






The power of punch panel…

Punch panel for pots and pans. If you are a foodie like me you will understand the need to keep your kitchen organised and clean.

kitchen organisationStoring pots and pans in cupboards can be frustrating because you have to reach all the way to the back to lift them out.

This is a fantastic way of storing pots and pans. You can clearly see what you have, making it easier to find what you require.

Additionally, stacking pots and pans on top of each other can damage them, so this avoids that problem. The sky is the limit here – with additional hooks you can also store utensils and other kitchen needs.




Have you created something unique out of our products? Feel free to share it with us and I will tag you on our socials.

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Happy Creating!!

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