Retail Displays and Shelving for Pet Shops

shelving for pet shops

Retail Displays and Shelving for Pet Shops

Our loyal customers, Pets Domain, have recently opened a new store in Sale, Gippsland. We think their shop looks fantastic.

Take a look at the end result in the video below.

Like what you see? Below we describe what they used for their displays, and how they merchandised it to get the most out of their shelving and fixtures.

Gondola Shelving

White punch panel gondola shelving was used for the bulk of their floor displays, along with dump bins.

To make use of the end bays, punch panel was used instead of plain. This means that if their displays needs ever change, they have the option of using multiple accessories to make the most of their merchandising. Shelving, hooks, bins and baskets can all be used in this space.


400mm shelving was used as the base shelf. Not only does this increase the capacity of the load the shelf can hold, it also looks better aesthetically and ensures the customer doesn’t miss the stock on the bottom level. Above this, 300mm shelving is used. A display system like this works well because the shelves are simple to move and change should the stock levels or sizes change.

Data Strips and Flipper Hooks

Data strips are plastic strips that attached along the front edge of the shelf and are used to feature the price and product details of the item above it. Flipper hooks are heavy duty hooks with a small data strip at the end of the hook and display the same information.

As you can see here, Pets Domain have done a great job at using a mixture of both data strips and flipper hooks for their display.

Dump bins are also dotted throughout the store to hold items such as pet food, rugs, toys and other pet paraphernalia!!

Well done Pets Domain, great work as always. We will see you instore soon!

If you need information about what shelving would work best for your pet shop, please get in touch.

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