Why the coolroom shelving you choose is so important…

Why the coolroom shelving you choose is so important…

One area the team at Shelves for Shops specialise in is coolroom shelving. This type of storage system is different to your regular units, and what makes them stand apart is how the shelves are manufactured. Extra precautions are puyt in place to ensure each shelf is safe for foodstuffs.

Every now and then we hear of large cases of food poisening in restaurants and cafes. Usually we are quick to assume that the food served and ingested by the victims of the outbreak is to blame, but this is not always the case.

What many business owners and consumers don’t realise is that sometimes it is the storage system the foodstuffs are stored on in their coolroom or dry storage area that is the culprit. It is very possible for the contamination to be caused due to the type of storage system used.

cold storage shelf system

Cold room storage undergoes rigorous testing when manufactured correctly, by a food safety system called HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. During the process of assessment, the potential microbiological, physical and chemical hazards of every step in the manufacture, storage and distribution of a food product is scientifically analysed.

Once the HACCP rating has been applied to a product, you can be sure that you are buying a product that has survivied the utmost scrutiny to keep your staff, your business and your customers safe and happy.

Remember, nothing beats proper cleaning and sanitising, and this is a must for any food environment – however, using the correct cold storage system will ensure you are taking the extra step in keeping everyone healthy.

light duty coolroom shelving

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