The Rise of the Pop Up Shop

The Rise of the Pop Up Shop

While it’s not exactly a new concept, we have noticed an increasing number of customers approach us for advice and products for their pop up shops.

rise of the pop up shopJust yesterday, a business owner came into our store and explained she needed a counter, mobile shelving units and accessories for her clothing pop up shop in Oakleigh.

This approach to retail is proving to be hugely successful as a cost effective way of marketing a brand name and increasing exposure of small and large businesses alike.

As a result, we thought it was time to explain what pop up shops are all about.

What is a pop up shop?

A pop up shop (also known as ‘flash retailing’, or ‘temporary retail’) is a retail space that is hired out on a casual basis, whether it be for a few hours or over a year.

Although most people associate pop up shops with the small spaces that are rented in shopping centre mall walkways, they also exist in vacant shops throughout centres, when the centre management wants the space filled, but the retailer is not ready to commit to a permanent lease.

When are mall pop up shops useful?


A clever way of drawing customers into your shop is to merchandise a small amount of ‘hot’ products in the walkway as a way of directing customers to the larger shop. You may choose 4-5 of your best selling items (or more depending on the size of the space), and use this as a way of engaging customers and introducing them to your business.

Maggie beer pop up shopOverflow of stock

If your stock levels have gone nuts and you are unable to merchandise it in an appealing way in your current shop, a pop up shop if a great option to manage the overflow. As above, this can also be used as a way to draw customers into your larger store.

To market your online shop

The issue with having an online presence only is that in most cases your customers have to be specifically looking for your product in order to find you, and in this crazy Google, social media and SEO driven world it can be very difficult to be found in search engines, especially if you are part of a flooded market.

A pop up shop can create exposure for your business with minimal overhead expense. You can use this exposure to draw people to your website, by offering special website only deals, signing customers up to a mailing list, or giving them a discount for ‘liking and sharing’ your Facebook page on the spot.

To market a new business

I take my son for swimming lessons every Thursday, and while I was there the last week the manager told me they had hired a casual space in a local shopping centre to help generate business and create awareness that they had recently opened. So pop up shops are not restricted to retail businesses only!

Test a location

If you are a business owner and thinking about opening a permanent shop in a particular centre, leasing a vacant shop is an excellent way to see how the ‘locals’ respond to your items.

Test a product

If you are launching a new product you can use a casual space to test the publics response, highlighting both hot products and dud products.

mobile pop up shopsCheck out this amazing pop up shop Adidas construction in Spain last year!


If you are thinking about whether a pop up shop is right for you, come in and speak to our friendly team. Whether you require mobile shelving, display cases on wheels, or any other storage solutions that would suit a temporary location, we have something for you!


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