Gondola Shelving Assembly Instructions Volume 1

Gondola Shelving Assembly Instructions Volume 1

Written instructions and a demo video, with tips from professional installers.

Note: There are separate instructions for our 1.8m and 2.1m high gondola shelving systems , these are COMING SOON.

If you have any questions about these in the meantime, simply contact our friendly team on 03 9793 3433.

If you are a visual person (like me!) take a look at the video below. Or, if you prefer written instructions with images, scroll down the page.

Check you have shelving components

These fall into 3 main categories:

Posts (also referred to as legs).  If you are installing a single sided system you will have a single post. A double, or 360-degree shelving, will need a double leg. Below is an image of 2 posts/legs and a back panel.

Back Panels (also referred to as infill panels). The type of panel you have will be punch panel, plain panel or mesh, depending on what you have chosen for your system.

Shelves and brackets. Again, the amount of each will be dependent on how many shelf levels you have chosen to have. Below is an image of a standard shelf, and an angled shelf.

Preparing the postsfeet for gondola shelving

Take each post and make sure the black feet are completely wound in. These can be adjusted later if you find your floor is uneven,
simply be winding them back out.

The rubber feet are ideal if you are trying to avoid a damaged floor.

In some cases, these can be replaced with wheels so you can move your shelving easily around the store.


Begin the shelving run

display shelving for retail storesTake one post, and while holding it vertically, insert a back panel. All legs and infills are the same so it doesn’t matter which one you start with. The 6 teeth of the panel should line up evenly with the 6 holes in the leg. Make sure you start from the very bottom.

Gently balance the back panel on the ground while you move your other post into place. Line up the second leg with the opposite side of the panel and insert the teeth.

This can take a bit of practice the first time you do it but it gets easier the more you do it.

gondola shelving assembly instructionsThe kick plate

Once the 2 posts are standing with the back panel inserted, add the kick plate (if you have chosen to have kick plates with your system). We find this helps to balance the bay out, making it easier to insert the following posts.

Add the rest of the infills

After the kick plate has been inserted, add the other back panels, working from the bottom of the bay to the top.

The brackets and shelveshow to assemble gondola shelving

The shelving comes next. Start with the base shelf, lining up the metal tabs with the groves.

You’ll know you’ve got it in place when the shelf ‘clicks’ and falls into place. When you try to gently pull it out, it will be securely in place.

Next, it’s time for the shelves, and you’ll need your brackets for this step. All shelving brackets are the same.

Take the bracket and place the teeth into the hole closest to the back panel. Repeat on the other side. Take your shelf and balance it on both brackets so that it sits straight. This can take a couple of attempts if you are doing it on your own.

For an angled shelf, the same brackets are used. Just angle it forward, as per the video. The shelf is inserted the same way. Take your front gates (if using) and line the teeth up with the openings.

Additional shelving bays

If you are putting together a shelving ‘run’ (as in, more than just one stand-alone bay), simply take a back panel and start the process again. Note that each bay will ‘share’ it’s leg with the one next to it, so there is no need to add an extra post.

It’s that easy!

Remember, it can take a bit of practice if you are putting it together for the first time.

If you’d prefer to leave it to us, we can arrange your gondola shelving delivery and installation for you.

Simply contact us.


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