Planning Your Convenience Store Storage


Planning Your Convenience Store Storage

The team at Shelves for Shops recently completed a full shop fit out for a busy convenience store in Docklands.

The owners came to us requesting a storage system that holds high volumes of stock, is easy to assemble, looks attractive, doesn’t cost a fortune and most importantly, it needed to be powder coated to match the business colours. The owners submitted the floor plans to us and our team were able to use these plans to come up with a quote.

Our answer – Gondola Shelving!

Gondola shelving is so simple to use that the owners of the shop were able to assemble it onsite themselves, which is handy if you want to assemble the shelving at your own pace instead of having us do it for you.

One of the best things about gondola shelving is that it comes with some very handy accessories to enhance your customers shopping experience, and the sky is the limit in terms of what you can fill your shelving with.

See some examples below of effective use of shelving and space.

Wine Storage

wine shelving and storage

To create a functional and attractive wine display you need to ensure the shelving can hold the weight of the load.

In this case the recommendation is 80kgs per level so the product falls well within the weight limit.

We also recommend data strips to communicate product details to your customers, such as the price point and name of the product.

Front gates are used to ensure products sit safely on the shelf, which is especially important for breakable and expensive items like bottles of wine.


Pet Food

pet food shelvesThe owners have done a fantastic job making the best use of space in their pet food display.

One of the great things about gondola shelving is that the levels can all be height adjusted to ensure you are only leaving enough shelf height for the product you are displaying.

This is a great way to maximise precious space in your shop. In this case the shop owners decided that front gates weren’t necessary due to the nature of the product.




Medicinal Goods

pharmacy shelving

For this part of the store a larger shelf was used on the bottom level.

This is ideal when you have a large amount of stock on the bottom shelf or you want to ensure the customer can still see it when they are standing above it and look down.

There is lots of room to move each shelf level around in this bay should additional stock come in.





convenience store shelvesAgain the store owner has used a larger shelf for the lower levels of the display which holds the larger, heavier items such as pasta and rice.

The shop owners decided that front gates were not required in this instance, but they could definitely be added in the future if required.

Another optional addition to a display like this are side gates, which separate each product line and are particularly effective with items like bags of chips and lollies.

They keep the product divided into their proper section to ensure a neat and tidy display.




Other things to consider

Slatwall can be used with flipper hooks and price display tags for lollies and other confectionary or goods that are designed to ‘hang’. The great thing about slatwall is that it can be cut down to be used almost anywhere, such as a blank space on a wall or a pillar that isn’t being utilised. If space is limited, you want to ensure that every area is used effectively.

lolly merchandising example

Wire baskets can be used for products that don’t sit well on a shelf. We commonly see these being used for bulky items such as toys, large packets of chips, gloves and hats. The baskets can hold up to 30kgs and products can be separated using wire dividers.

If your shop stocks magazines, a magazine rack will enhance any set up. These can be used for magazines, brochures, pamphlets or books, to name a few.

If you need assistance or advice setting up your convenience or grocery store, please contact our team at Shelves for Shops. We can assist from design through to installation and can assist with ongoing maintenance if required.

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