Retail Signage – The Silent Salesperson


Retail Signage – The Silent Salesperson

When it comes to retail, we talk a lot about coaching your employees to sales success and the different strategies that can be used to upsell, add on, increase sales….and all the other retail lingo out there.

But what is talked about a lot less is how important the correct signage is for your business, and how sometimes the correct sign communicating the right message can be as effective as a sales person – or in some cases, even more effective than the wrong salesperson.

In my experience, the below scenarios are when signage is your friend.

retail sales using signage

When your staff member is with another customer

In particular, if they have more than one customer, are on the phone or they are processing a long transaction such as a refund or exchange. The correct signage can help the customer navigate their way through your shop, pointing out things like new stock and current promotions.

You are on sale

sale time in retail

Nothing screams ‘bargain’ to a customer like a bright red SALE sign. Add to it signs that focus on price points, such as ‘From $4.99’ and you are on a winner.

The customer doesn’t want help

Sometimes, customers don’t want to be ‘sold to’ by a staff member and prefer to browse on their own. I am one of those customers who are prone to getting irritated while shopping. Anyone who has even been to a shopping centre has been there – you’ve just entered your 8th shop, and for the 8th time you hear the words ‘how are you today’, ‘what are you looking for today’, or my least favourite ‘hi darl’ (FYI to all sales people, it doesn’t matter what age you are (or what age your customer is), never refer to them as ‘darl’ or ‘love’ or any other word your grandmother would use.))

Sometimes customers really don’t want help, so let your signage do the selling.

Our Recommendations for Effective Retail Signage

if you were looking for a sign

Keep it simple

Use large text, simple font and eyecatching pictures.

Some businesses (think restaurant menu boards) can get away with curly wurly fun writing – retail cannot.

Remember important dates

Do you sell a product that would work as a Christmas gift? Fathers or Mothers Day present? Ensure your retail signage communicates this to customers ahead of time. Handy hint – do not be that retailer that starts playing Christmas Carols at the end of October. Just. Don’t.

Compliment your window display

The idea of a window display is to entice customers into your store. If a customer has come in to find a product that is displayed in your window, that item should be close to the front of the store and be clearly signed.

Catalogues are also an effective tool

Have a catalogue display within easy reach, and encourage your employers to use these to keep the customer interested until they are free to serve them.

‘Please take a catalogue and I’ll be with you in just a moment, we have some great specials on the first two pages’

Keep it fresh

Apart from the obvious times (when a promotion has finished, at the end of a sale etc) we recommend every fortnight your store gets a ‘refresh’ and window change.

It’s ok to have fun with it

Nothing grabs a casual browsers attention like a funny joke or pun. Not everyone will ‘get it’ but those that do will appreciate it!

perspex display cases

Establish a consistent brand

Use your logo and corporate colours on everything from your signage to your Facebook page.

Remember, signage is your silent salesperson, so keep it fresh, simple, relative to the current season and you can’t go wrong.

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