Using Simple Slatwall Merchandising to Market Your Brand

Using Simple Slatwall Merchandising to Market Your Brand

We visited a retailer recently that had bought some slatwall from us and couldn’t help but take a photo of how well they had worked with the product.

Rappd are a company that manufacture and supply unisex gym and sports accessories and they purchased 4 units of black slatwall to display their products, as well as flipper hooks, shelves and brackets.

As you can see, the black slatwall looks amazing with the black, pink and green sports accessories. Read below to see what they did to create the effect.

slatwall merchandising

The team at Rappd chose flipper hooks to display the products prices and product details. These hooks come in varying lengths and are a great way to communicate relevant product information to the customer. Should prices ever change it is simple to slip the data tags in and out of the plastic pocket.

To finish off the look, they used 2 white shelves on brackets to display sports bags, and 2 signs with their logo above the bays.

The end result is an amazing example of how a brand merchandised their product with a shelving system that is extremely cost effective, easy to install and simple to maintain. If the team at Rappd decide to bring in extra stock, the slatwall hooks can be moved closer together to create more room, or if the brand really expands, additional slatwall bays can be added to either side of the current bays to create a larger area.

Not to mention the large amount of slatwall accessories that are available if Rappd decide to bring in additional products, including straight and waterfall arms, handing rails, hat displays, handbag arms, shoe holders and picture hangers.

This type of product is particularly useful if you only display a small amount of product in a store but want to make it stand out from your competitors, particularly if the retailer stocks the same or similar products with different brands.

The use of these merchandising ideas can also be used for things like casual leasing, pop up stores or short term leasing. We also have slatwall gondolas and towers, and spinning stands that would work just as well, particularly if you don’t have enough (or any!) wall space. Our expo and trade show customers love these stands, and you have the option of adding castors to the units if they need to be mobile.

If you are a small business and are looking to approach a retailer to sell your product, a merchandised bay like this can go a long way to prove that you will give them the merchandising support they need from you, increasing your chances of them stocking your products.

We can do slatwall in a range of colours and prints, including placing images on the slatwall itself.

If you need any advice on how to create this type of look for your brand, just contact us and we can help.

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