Longspan Shelving 2080mm


Heavy duty longspan shelving, with a load rating of up to 300kgs.
Take a look at our light duty longspan shelving if you need a cheaper option with a load rating of 180-200kgs.

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Heavy duty longspan steel shelving in 2080mm length. We have this shelving system available in both 1120mm length and 1580mm length on our longspan shelving page.

The unit features a completely steel frame and shelves, to hold even the heaviest of items and tools.

Each shelf has up to a 400kg load rating.

If you are looking for cheaper longspan with a lower load rating of 180-200kgs, take a look at our light duty longspan shelving.

The unit has adjustable feet so if you are working on uneven ground you can level the unit out and prevent wobbling.

Made extremely tough and sturdy, these steel shelving are the best space saving and storage solution for work spaces such as garages, factories, warehouses, shops and other retail environments.

It’s super easy to assemble and we created a longspan installation guide here.

What is the difference between a starter bay and add on bay?

Starter Bay:  The first bay of a shelving run is always called the starter bay. You will always need a starter bay. A starter bay has 2 posts, also known as legs.

This is why the starter bay is more expensive than the add on bays.

Add On Bay: Add on bays are additional bays that make the shelving run longer. You can purchase as many add on bays as you wish. Each add on bay only needs 1 leg because it utilises the previous bays leg.

This is why the add on bay is cheaper than the starter bay.

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Additional information

Dimensions (LxDxH [mm]) 2080 × 500 × 2000 mm
Type Of Bay

Starter Bay, Add On Bay


4 Levels, 5 Levels, 6 Levels


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