Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is the number one retail display and merchandising system on the market.

We have a system to suit any type of shop. Click the images below to go straight to the product page.

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Gondola Shelving: Which Is Best For Me?

Metal Pegboard

Also known as punch panel, metal pegboard shelving is our best selling gondola storage system. It is medium to heavy duty and has multiple accessories available.

Mesh Panel

If you are looking for a budget option, mesh back panel is the solution. It’s made with less metal so is cheaper when compared to our other shelving systems.

The mesh panels filter more light, making your products stand out. This also provides better security and will make thieves think twice, because you can see through the panel and onto the other side, so visibility is better.

Volcano Panel

For a super heavy duty system, volcano panel is your best option. Each panel is punched with recessed holes that look like volcanos, or bullet holes. This creates a super strong panel.

More steel used to make this shelving, making it a heavier, sturdier option.

Plain Panel

Plain panel is your go to if you only need items displayed on a shelf. It is not suitable for hang-sell products.

This style of shelving has a clean and professional finish, and is often chosen for this reason.

Slatwall Gondola Shelving

Slatwall is another heavy duty option.

With various accessories available, it’s a versatile choice. It’s perfect for shops that have lots of different sized products.

It’s more expensive than other gondola styles, but its great quality and looks professional.

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Why buy gondola shelving from Shelves For Shops?

We have been importing quality shelving systems for over 15 years, which means we have had 15 years to consistently improve our product.

During that time we have built a relationship with only the best suppliers. We have never skimped on quality.

We have maintained a thick gauge steel, which means a heavier, more durable system. If you weighed one of our panels compared to one of our competitors, you will find ours is heavier. A heavier shelf, means more material, which means a better shelf. While many of our competitors have opted for a thinner gauge steel to produce a cheaper product, we have maintained our quality.

It’s weight loading is more, meaning you can load it up with confidence, and know that your stock, customers and staff are safe with a quality product.

Even better, due to our great relationship with our suppliers, we can sell this shelving to our customers at a budget price.

Custom Gondola Shelving To Make Your Brand Stand Out


If you are looking for custom display stands in your corporate or brand colour, we can help with a custom order just for you.

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