Mesh Shelving


Mesh shelving is part of our light duty gondola shelving range.

Available in black and white, in both single and double sided configurations.

Looking for a heavy duty shelving, or a different type of back panel?

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Where can mesh shelving be used?

Retail Shops: This system is very versatile and available in various sizes and shelf levels. It is completely customisable in that you can choose the height and length of your shelving, and how many shelf levels it has. Plus, it’s available in single and double sided configurations.

It is the most cost effective of our shelving systems when configuring a double sided bay.

Do you need a custom colour? We can powder coat this shelving system in your brand or corporate colours if required.

Petrol Stations: There are multiple accessories available, such as baskets, bins and hooks. Easy to assemble, disassemble and remerchandise, it’s ideal if you need to execute a quick promotional set up.  This makes it a great choice for service stations.

Markets: We always recommend this shelving system for customers that require shelving at their market stall. Due to the mesh panels, it is the lightest of our shelving systems. This makes it easy to transport, and easy to set up.

Types of mesh shelving

Single Sided: A single sided configuration works well when placed up against a wall.

Double Sided: Double sided configurations work well when you re placing the unit in an open space that customers walk around. Only one mesh panel is required when putting together a double sided unit, which makes the system very affordable.

Feature End Bays: Used for promotional products or sales, an feature end finishes the run of shelving off nicely and brings the customers attention to key products within your store.

If you need help or advice with your mesh shelving, please don’t hesitate the contact us.