Plain Panel Shelving


Our plain panel system is the best in display shelving for retail stores.

Please note this shelving has a plain backing, therefore is not suitable for hang-sell products.

If you are looking for shelving with a different back panel, or one that will suit hang-sell, take a look at our gondola shelving page.

Plain panel shelving has a very clean look and is perfect if you only have items to merchandise on a shelf, rather than hang.

It is easy to assemble and can be put together by one person.

What is plain panel gondola shelving suited to?

Chemists and Pharmacies: plain panel shelving works well to display toiletries, perfumes, medication and other personal items. It’s also perfect for gift merchandise.

Discount Stores: for displaying retail merchandise in a neat manner. Each shelf level is adjustable so you have the option of moving the shelves up or down depending on the height of the products you are displaying.

Grocery Stores: perfect for drinks, tinned food, confectionary and other foodstuffs. Easy to clean if there is any spillage.

Milkbars and Newsagents: we have some accessories, such as magazines racks, that would make this type of shelving system perfect for newsagents and milkbars.

What configurations is this gondola shelving available in?

Single sided: ideal for placing against a wall, to maximise merchandising space.

Double sided: ideal for placing in an open space where the customers can walk around the display.

Feature end bays: to finish off the shelving run nicely, consider a feature end bay. It is perfect for promotional products and sale items.

Contact us if you need help with your display shelving for retail stores.