Slatwall Gondolas


Slatwall gondolas are ideal if you want to maximise the space in your store.

They are available in multiple sizes, colours and styles. Each slatwall display unit is unique in what it offers. Some have wheels, cupboards for additional storage, or can rotate to display all products.

Where are Slatwall Gondolas Used?

Clothing Stores: slatwall gondolas are particularly useful for jewellery and accessories in retail stores. We have a variety of hooks and storage baskets available, so all storage problems are solved.

Pharmacies and Chemists: Our pharmacy customers love our slatwall displays due to their versatility. Shelving can be used to merchandise bottles of perfume, shampoo/conditioner and other personal items. Slatwall gondolas are especially useful, because extra stock can be stored underneath for easy restocking.

Petrol Stations: We also see this storage system used in service stations. The shelving is particularly useful for displaying confectionary such as chocolate bars and bags of lollies.

Other Retailers: Slatwall displays can be used in any retail environment. Feel free to bring in your products and use our accessories to set up a bay on our showroom floor.

Slatwall units can be used with any of the slat wall accessories including sloping arms, straight arms and baskets. There is a 100mm gap between the extrusions.  They made from a sturdy aluminium to ensure heavy product stays safe when merchandised.

Our friendly team can help pick out the slatwall gondola that’s right for you.

Please contact us or visit us in store for more information.