Slatwall Gondola Shelving


Slatwall gondola shelving is a newer style of a shelving system.

If you are looking for a heavy duty system, slatwall shelving or volcano panel shelving are your best choices.

Looking for a different back panel? We have 5 types of gondola shelving available.

This system is a great alternative to slatwall sheets. Many customers prefer this because there is no need for installation onto a wall.

It is a freestanding shelving system that can easily be moved around if required.

There are various accessories available to purchase, such as baskets, hooks, fixtures and shelving. This makes it perfect for items that require a shelf, or hang-sell merchandise.

Where is slatwall gondola shelving used?

Discount Stores: easy to assemble and merchandise, this system is perfect for discount stores with a high stock turnaround.

Grocery Stores: the large range of accessories available makes this shelving system a great choice for grocery stores. Choices include brackets and shelves, baskets, boxes and bins, hooks, fixtures and more.

Service Stations: because of its heavy duty capabilities, this storage system is often used in service stations to display heavy products.

Available in both single and double sided configurations as well as various configurations, slatwall gondola shelving will suit most retail applications.

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