Grid Mesh Panel & Accessories


If you are looking for a mobile display, grid mesh panels  (also known as slat grid) are a cheap and easy option.

These metal grid panels can be easily attached to the wall using brackets and are a less permanent option than slatwall. They work well if you have a small, narrow area to cover due to their tall, vertical shape.

We also have slat grid stands and dollies.

Grid Mesh Panels and Stands – Why Use Them?

If you are looking for a freestanding slat grid stand, our stands and dollies are perfect. The stands can be set up with one or two legs creating a single or double sided configuration. A single leg will allow you to position the mesh against a wall to maximise wall merchandising. The double creates a double sided, free standing fixture that can be viewed 360 degrees.

Given its lightweight versatility, slat grid is perfect for trade shows, as a market display stand, or as a centre display.

The stands are perfect if you need to relocate, or set up and pull down often. There are many grid mesh accessories available, including wire shelves and baskets, straight and sloping arms. Below is a great example of a panel attached to a wall and accessorised.

grid mesh panels

These grids can be joined at the side, making your display configuration into any shape you wish, such as zig zag, square, rectangle or triangular.

What is Grid Mesh made From?

Made from a powder coated steel, these units are built to last. The powder coating protects the metal underneath and prevents rust. The steel itself is thick and sturdy. We’ve even had bait and tackle shops use these for their anchors, demonstrating their strength.

Cost effective and versatile, you cannot go past grid mesh panels to display your product.

Where is Grid Mesh used?

It can be use in any retail application, but we commonly see it used in:

  • Fishing, Bait and Tackle Shops: due to its strength and durability, grid mesh is perfect for displaying fishing gear like tackle and anchors. The stand with wheels work particularly well in these shops, due to the heaviness of the racks once they are stocked up. The wheels ensure both your staff and your stock stay safe when remerchandising.
  • Clothing Shops: Due to the wide range of accessories available, grid mesh panels are a popular choice for clothing stores. Our sloping arms are used frequently, so that clothes can be tiered when displayed. This makes it easier for the customer to spot their size.
  • Markets, Pop Up Shops and Trade Shows: Slat grid is a hugely popular choice because its super easy to put up and pull down again. The accessories are easy to attach and it can be remerchandised easily when required.

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