Glass Displays


Glass Display Cases and Cabinets for Retail and Home

A glass display case is the best way to merchandise small, valuable items.

Our range of glass display cases includes quality showcases at affordable prices, single or multi-level glass cubes,- popular for use when you have to merchandise jewellery, glass counters and more. These locking displays keep valuable items secure.

For bespoke products which deserve some special attention, our cabinets come with display case downlights to highlight their contents for even better merchandising. With shelving made of tempered glass, you can be assured each shelf level is safe and durable.

These showcases are popular in retail stores. They are used to display precious or expensive items. Use the same glass displays at home for exhibiting collectibles such as crystal figurines or other valuables.

All our glass cabinets and cubes come flat-packed which makes them easy to transport and results in fast, affordable shipping. Yes! We ship nationwide to all areas of Australia. They are easy to assemble or we can do this for a fee.

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