Slatwall Hooks


Slatwall hooks are the best way to merchandise hang-sell products on your slatwall storage system.

With a range of hooks available, you will find one to suit your retail display.

Slatwall hooks – which one is right for me?

With 5 different hooks available, we have one that will suit your business.

Our standard slatwall hook is simple yet functional. It comes in 5 lengths, so suits a range of products. The hooks are triple spot welded for maximum strength, so you can display items with confidence. They are 5-6mm thick depending on the length. You will see this type of hook in all retail shops and store environments.

We also have pegboard hooks that work with slatwall too. They are tough and durable, so your stock will stay safe. There is even a reinforcement at the back so the hooks don’t bend with the weight of product. Finished in chrome, so you can achieve a professional look.  These hooks are commonly seen in milk bars, convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and shops.

Our double prong heavy duty hook is dipped is plastic, so the surface is smoother. This helps to protect your product. It suits large, difficult to display items like brooms and heavy handbags.

Flipper hooks are ideal if you want to display the details of a product, such as price and barcode. Each hooks comes with a plastic ticket holder which holds a label. It comes in 4 lengths and is finished in chrome.

Pegboard loop hooks are used for hanging bagged items, like confectionary. They are designed to be used with bags that have the horizontal slit at the top. It has a raised at the front to stop the product from falling off, and comes in 2 lengths.

Slatwall hooks – where are they used?

Slatwall hooks are used in most retail stores. We commonly see them used in used in:

  • Convenience stores for displaying confectionary, dried herbs and batteries.
  • Bait and tackle stores for hooks, sinkers and other fishing merchandise.
  • Petrol stations to display lollies, mobile phone accessories and various hang-sell items.
  • Milk bars to showcase chocolate, sweets, accessories and other foodstuffs.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about slatwall hooks.