Volcano Panel


Volcano panel is a heavy duty gondola shelving system.

It’s available in single and double sided configurations, and there are feature end bays and corner unit available too.

If you are looking for a super heavy duty system, volcano panel is your best choice.

What makes volcano panel so heavy duty?

It’s all to do with the way it is manufactured.

Often referred to as ‘bullet hole’ shelving, each hole indented, giving it a volcano type appearance. These recessed holes create a much strong panel.

Plus, it’s made with a thicker gauge steel. If you pick up a standard punch panel and a volcano panel, you will notice that the volcano panel weighs far more.

Overall it is a much heavier, reliable shelving system.

Where is volcano panel used?

Bait and tackle stores: due to the weight of anchors and other fishing supplies, we recommend this shelving system to all bait and tackle stores.

Petrol Stations: again, the weight and size of some items in service stations require a much sturdier shelving than normal.

Hardware Shops: hardware store often have heavy, bulky items to merchandise, and volcano panel is perfect for this.

Any other shop that needs to have super heavy or awkwardly shaped products on display.

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