Shelfbox & Slatbox


The Shelfbox and Slatbox range is a universal storage and display solution.

Designed in Australia, this system has multiple commercial and domestic uses. It’s built to manufacturing standards and is durable and tough.

Variations include Shelfbox, Popbox, Storbox, Cratebox and Hobibox.

Shelfbox and Slatbox for schools and childcare

The system is allergen free, so completely safe around children. We find shelfbox slatbox in useteachers in particular love this system. It makes it easy for them to carry things from class to class.

Perfect for storing arts and crafts, books, toys and other educational items. We know classrooms get messy, so this is a perfect organisation solution.

If they get grubby, the boxes are easily cleaned. They can be sterilised too.

Using Shelfbox in Garages and Workshops

The storbox system is knows as one of the strongest, most resilient designs on the market. This makes it one of our top choices when it comes to garage organisation.

Use this system to organise your nuts and bolts, hooks, tools, paint brushes and more.

Designed for durability, they are made from super- tough UV fade-resistant polypropylene. Guaranteed to last and retain shape and colour regardless of environment.


  • Can be used in a clinical setting. The products are microwave safe or can be washed it the dishwasher. Suitable for sterilising up to 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Freezer safe and can be used at -40 degrees celsius.
  • Made from UV-stabilised polypropylene and are highly resistant to colour fade.
  • Made from new food grade polypropylene with impact modifier and UV stabiliser added. Suitable for food contact application, are FDA compliant and conform to the requirements of EFSA 2005/79/EC Directive and AS2070-1999, Plastics Materials for Food Contact Use.
  • All products are recyclable.

We have other colours available on request.

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