Longspan Shelving


What is Longspan Shelving and Racking?

Longspan shelving is a heavy-duty shelving system made from steel.

By definition, the term long span refers to something that can ‘span’ a great ‘length’. Simply put, this storage solution has the capacity to span a great length. Or, a short length if you wish!

If you are looking for shelving with a higher weight load than standard gondola shelving, longspan is your solution.

Available in various heights and lengths available, so it can fit almost any space. You can choose the number of shelf levels required. Each level is adjustable, so you can customise the space between the levels to suit your needs.

The shelving system has adjustable feet, so this is the perfect solution if your floor is uneven. The feet can easily be unscrewed or tightened to stop the unit from wobbling.

It’s available in black and white, or can be powder coated to almost any colour, so you can find the right match for your business or home. If you need a custom order, please place your it in advance.

Longspan Shelving: What is the load capacity?

Our heavy duty longspan shelving has the highest load rating of all our shelving systems. It is specifically designed to store heavy items.

With strong welded frames and sturdy metal shelves, each shelf level can hold up to 300kgs.

Our light duty longspan shelving holds up to 180kgs per shelf level, depending on the configuration you choose.

Longspan Shelving Components

This heavy duty shelving has 3 components.

longspan shelving unit in white with 3 shelf levels

Frames: also known as vertical uprights, the frames are the upright metal structures that stand at each end of the shelving unit.

Beams: the beams slot into the frames to create a shelf level. It is the length of these beams that determine the length of the bay.

Shelves: the shelves sit inside the beams to create a shelf level.

How To Assemble

We’ve created a handy assembly video for our long span.


We recommend 2 people install this shelving, but it can be completed by 1 person if necessary.

  1. Remove all plastic and packaging. Separate each element – frames, beams and shelves – into groups.
  2. Hold one frame upright, and insert one end of the beam into the frame. Inserting the beam into the frame is simple. Just line the teeth up with the opening, insert the frame, then apply pressure to lock it into place. If you are on your own, we recommend doing this near a wall so you can rest the frame against it if need be.
  3. Repeat the same process with your second beam, either opposite or above your first beam (see the video for more information.
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining beams.
  5. Once all beams are in place, insert the shelves.
  6. Insert a safety pin into each level, and you’re done!


To ensure the levels are evenly spaced, count the slots between each beam. It’s good to have a plan for what heights you want your levels before you start.

Where is Longspan Racking Used?

We see this type of shelving used in environments where heavy, bulky items need to be stored or displayed.

Examples of this include:

  • Garages: ideal for tools, heavy boxes and other awkwardly shaped items, longspan makes perfect garage shelving.
  • Factories: with adjustable shelf levels, this system works well for factories that store different or oddly shaped items or boxes.
  • Storerooms: longspan racking is ideal for car parts/tyre storerooms, petrol stations, or any retailed that stocks very heavy, bulky merchandise.
  • Schools & Libraries: from PE equipment to heavy books and boxes, longspan shelving is a favourite amongst schools.
  • Offices: perfect for storing office equipment or heavy boxes of paperwork.

We offer Australia wide delivery with competitive freight charges.

If you are purchasing a large amount of longspan shelving or looking to fitout multiple venues, contact us directly for the best price.