Clothes Racks



Clothes racks are essential for department stores and smaller shops that are in need of extra storage space for clothing. They can also create an additional merchandising area.
Our garment racks can be used as a retail display to assist with size ordering of garments and grouping clothing styles together. They are also perfect for creating extra wardrobe and storage space at home.

Clothes racks: what we stock

We have done all the homework for you when it comes to clothing racks, and narrowed it down to 4 of the best.

We stock freestanding single and double rail garment racks. These are also known as wheelie racks or travellers racks. These are available with both light duty and heavy duty load capacities. From the traditional collapsible salesman rack through to a sturdy, durable double racks, we have you covered.

Our commercial clothing racks are on wheels for ease of use and heavy loads. Some are collapsible for easy transport and storage. Our rolling clothes racks also have expandable arms and adjustable heights for excess stock and long clothing items.

Where are clothes racks used?

We see these types of racks used in many different types of retail shops. These primarily include clothing shops, sports stores. They are super handy to use as market stall displays, and trade show or expo displays.

Our 4 way retail display racks with both straight arm and waterfall accessories are also available. They are designed to hold either small or large volumes of stock, depending on your needs. Each arm can be separated with size discs, which means your stock is kept organise. By only utilising a small area in your store, these garments racks are designed to maximise floor space to ensure you get the best return on your floor area.

We pride ourselves on high quality, low-cost retail storage solutions. We have sourced superior quality clothing racks from our suppliers at wholesale prices and pass those savings onto you. If you don’t see the retail clothes rack you are after here, visit our used products page or contact us.