Wall Stripping & Brackets


Wall Stripping & Brackets


For those on a budget, wall stripping and brackets are a cheap and effective way to create a shelving storage system. These strips are made of metal so are tough and sturdy. They are available in both single and double configurations, white or chrome.

We recommend this type of shelving system if you need to have the ability to move the shelves around frequently. They are so simple to remove and replace elsewhere, should your merchandising needs change.

We see this type of storage system used in retail shops, garages, workshops and more.

How does wall stripping work?

The great news is, it is simple to install and even easier to use.

The wall strip is easily affixed to the wall in a vertical position using screws. You can either do this yourself or ask someone experienced to assist.

Once securely in place, the bracket can be inserted into the wall strip. Finally, the shelf is placed on top of the bracket.

We also supply end rests that we highly recommend. They hold the shelf in place on the bracket, and without them, the shelf would wobble.

Should I use double wall stripping or single?

Double wall stripping increases the flexibility of your merchandising set up. The double can accommodate 2 brackets so if you were looking at multiple levels of shelving at different heights it would definitely be the one to choose.

If you are only looking at a simple design with one long shelf level, single sided is sufficient.

Where is wall stripping used?

We still this used both in the home and in retail shops, such as:

Clothing Stores: remember, wall stripping is not just for shelving. We also have multiple accessories available, such as ring end brackets. These fixtures can hang clothes, scarves and other accessories.

Convenience Stores: because of the huge variety and volume of merchandise convenience stores tend to hold, the versatility of wall stripping is perfect. These high stock turnover stores enjoy being able to remerchandise quickly and easily when new product comes in. Wall strips are perfect for just that!

Petrol Stations: easy to use and fuss free are 2 requests we commonly get my service station owners. Luckily, wall strips offer both.

Chemists and Pharmacies: this is common request, as these types of retails usually stock items such as gifts, perfume, make-up and other beauty items. The shelving is strong enough to accommodate these heavier products.

Of course, this storage system is not only limited to the above, it would suit any retailer or shop.

And don’t forget about its multiple uses at home, such as garages, workshops and laundries.

Our Wall Stripping Brackets

Our wall stripping brackets are simple to use.

Once the metal strip has been attached to the wall using screws, simply insert the bracket into the slots of the strips. Once inserted, you can use plastic end rest to create a ‘cushion’ for the shelf to sit on.

The brackets are made of metal so are strong, sturdy and secure. The best thing about this type of shelving system is that it is easy to move around should your product display change. Simply remove the shelf, take the bracket out of the slot, and adjust the height to suit your needs.

A cheap yet effective way to create a shelving storage system for your shop.

Plastic Centre and End Rests

These clips, also known as shelf supports, are designed to securely fit a shelf to a bracket. They can be used with our wall stripping and bracket shelving system.

Once the wall strips are attached to the wall and the bracket is secure in the slotting, these accessories clip on the bracket to allow a shelf to sit on it, then you can securely screw the shelf in from underneath. Then suction cups are used to cushion the shelf, especially if you are using glass. This will stop the glass from scratching.

We recommend this type of shelving system if you need to have the ability to move the shelves around frequently. They are so simple to remove and replace elsewhere, should your merchandising needs change.

Available in white or chrome, our wall stripping and brackets can also be powder coated in your corporate colours if you require.