Shopping Baskets & Trolley


Make your customers shopping experience convenient and easy with plastic shopping baskets and trolleys.

These really are a must have if you have a store where customers are required to carry multiple items. Our plastic shopping baskets are available in red or blue. They have a flat area on the side of the basket so that it can be customised with a business logo or slogan. They stack neatly into each other then fit perfectly into the plastic basket stand.

Our trolleys are very sturdy and can hold heavier items. Research shows that if a customer fills a basket up, they will often stop purchasing items at that point and head to the counter. We love our trolleys because it encourages the customer to buy more than what they had originally come into your store to for!

Both shopping baskets and trolleys are commonly used in grocery stores, convenience shops, department stores and other retailers.

If you require more storage in your shop, be sure to check out our gondola shelving, storage units, slatwall and used products section. Encourage your customers to buy more with shopping baskets and trolleys.