Slatwall Panels


Slatwall Panels: What are they made from?

Slatwall panels are made from MDF board and aluminium extrusions.

MDF is an engineered wood product that is not only inexpensive, but durable too. It has the capacity to hold heavy items, which is required for a retail display. Aluminium is used for the extrusions, because it is one of the lightest engineering metals that has a strength to weight ratio superior to steel.

Slat panel display sheets are available in landscape or portrait, black or white. There is a 100mm gap between the 1mm extrusions. These extrusions are included in the price of the slatwall.

If you need a different colour, we can assist with custom slatwall panels to suit your branding. Just contact us directly.

Where are slatwall panels used?

This type of slatwall storage system is extremely popular with shop owners and fitters alike. It offers a professional, versatile and easy to use finish to merchandise almost any type of product.

We see these used in:

Pet shops: to hold pet food, toys and other accessories.

Hardware stores: for merchandising small and large items, using the range of slatwall brackets and fittings available.

Shoe shops: we have multiple slatwall shoe holders available, enabling you to create a complete footwear display in your shop.

Discount stores: due to the high volume and fast turnover of stock in discount stores, our slatwall display system is the perfect choice. It can be set up and remerchandised quickly and easily with the accessories we have available.

Slat panel shelving is easy to install, cheap and extremely functional.

There is a huge range of accessories that will compliment your slatwall panels such as hooks, baskets and hanging rails.

If you need this item to be delivered, we recommend a 5 sheet minimum so they can be packed together securely to avoid damage.

Please contact our friendly team if you need any help choosing your slatwall storage system.