Counter Display Stands


Make the most of those last-minute sales with our range of counter display stands. The register is the ideal place to merchandise add on items, or expensive items that you need to keep a close eye on.

Recent reports have shown that adding on, or ‘upselling’, can drive between 10-30% of revenue in a small business.

Not only that, merchandising your counter effectively will ensure you make the most of precious register space, and make sure your products are displayed in a way that will both promote the sale and protect your stock. We have a large selection of countertop displays available, such as spinners for hang-sell products, small glass cubes and cabinets for small precious items, acrylic displays, and more.

Take a look at our video below where we discuss each one in detail, or scroll to the bottom to see our products.

Counter display stands for hang-sell products

We find countertop spinners work well for hang-sell products at the register. It is simple to put together and comes in a box for easy shipping. Each level is height adjustable depending on the size of what you need to hang. With space at the top for signage, this spinner not only makes the most of space, but display products in a way that promotes sales.

Lockable display cubes and cases to keep your merchandise safe

Looking for something a little classier? Glass cabinets and cubes are ideal for more expensive items you need to keep a close eye on. Our customers love these for items like mobile phones, jewellery and other accessories. Even better, our glass cases and cubes are lockable, to keep your merchandise safe from wandering fingers! The display cubes come in a single, 3 cube or 4 cube configurations. They look super sleek with polished silver hinges and latches and are often used in conjunction with our acrylic displays below. Made with 4mm toughened glass, these display cubes are not only economical, but safe too. Our small glass display case is also lockable, with 2 glass shelves, and the base level can be used for product too.

Prefer an acrylic display for your counter?

No worries. We have a selection of risers and stairs. Our stairs are often used in conjunction with the glass or acrylic display cases, and they look fantastic when set up inside. All of the items below come in a box for easy transport and shipping, and are simple to assemble.

YES! We deliver Australia wide and offer cheap, fast shipping rates.

Still confused about the best counter display stand for you? Contact us, we’d love to help!