Slatwall & Accessories


Slatwall is a convenient, cost effective retail display solution that can be used in a variety of retail and domestic settings.

From convenience stores to home garages, slat wall displays are ideal for maximising space and getting stock up off the floor and onto the walls, creating extra space and keeping things neat and tidy.

They are available in a variety of sizes and colours, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

What are slatwall panels made from?

Slatwall panels are made from MDF board, melamine and aluminium extrusions.

MDF (medium density fibreboard) is an engineered wood product that is not only inexpensive, but durable too. It has the capacity to hold heavy items, which is required for a retail display.

Aluminium is used for the extrusions, because it is one of the lightest engineering metals that has a strength to weight ratio superior to steel. There is a 100mm gap between the 1mm extrusions. Yes! The extrusions are included in the price of the slatwall.

Each slatwall sheet is finished with melamine, which offers extra strength and a professional look. We offer a standard finish of black or white. Looking for a different colour? Contact us and we can help.

Types of slatwall displays

Panels: available in black and white and various sizes, our high quality slatwall panels are one of our best sellers. The price of our slatwall panels include aluminium extrusions. They are high

Gondolas: slatwall gondolas can help to get stock up off the floor and maximise space in your shop. With plenty of accessories available, you can configure your setup to suit your merchandising needs.

Boxes: Shelfbox and Slatbox are perfect for storing items that work better displayed in a box instead of hanging. With multiple sizes and colours available, we can help you choose the set up that’s right for you.

Accessories: from waterfall to straight arms, shoe displays to wire baskets, we have slatwall brackets and fittings to suit every need.

Full retail displays often use a combination of slat panel and gondola shelving.

Where are slat wall systems used?

Pet shops: to hold pet food, toys and other accessories.

Hardware stores: for merchandising small and large items, using the range of slatwall brackets and fittings available.

Shoe shops: we have multiple slatwall shoe holders available, enabling you to create a complete footwear display in your shop.

Discount stores: due to the high volume and fast turnover of stock in discount stores, our slatwall display system is the perfect choice. It can be set up and remerchandised quickly and easily with the accessories we have available.

Fashion Shops: Because slatwall can be used to display everything from clothing through to fashion accessories, we see it used a lot in retail fashion. Our counters are extremely popular and can be used for add-on sales to increase revenue in the final stages of the buying.

Bait and Tackle Stores: Used in conjunction with our heavy-duty hooks, our slatwall displays work well in bait and tackle shops and stores. Freestanding gondolas are often used to make the most of floor space.

Pharmacies and Chemists: Due to its versatile nature, slat panel sheets are often used in pharmacies to display personal goods and gifts. Our accessories play a large role here, in particular the shelving and hooks we have available.

Garages and Workshops: Slatwall can be easily installed at home to create a space to store power tools and cords, brooms and cleaning products and gardening equipment.

Sporting Goods Shops: Because sporting shops often have mixture of small and large bulky items, the range of accessories that are available with slatwall displays mean its a favourite.

Installation Tips

Depending on the surface you are working with, there are various options available.

If you are attaching to plaster, locating the timber stud is the best way to make the panel secure. Once located, simply attach it to the wall using a drill.

Drilling through the aluminium insert is the most secure way to do this because the insert offers extra support.

If you are attaching to concrete or brick, use the appropriate masonry anchor, available at your local hardware store.

Installing your own slatwall can be challenging if you are doing it for the first time, so please contact a professional if you need to.

Fitting out a large shop? We can help with your design with a free measure and quote. We also offer delivery and installation.

When you buy from Shelves for Shops, you can be assured you are getting a high quality, affordable product that has been tried and tested. Speak to us about your slatwall requirements today.